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Download Decision Making In Child Welfare Services: Intake And Planning

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Yates J, Barrett-Connor E, Barlas S, Chen Y-T, Miller PD, Siris ES. Obstet Gynecol2004; 103:440-446. Miller PD, Bilezikian JP, Deal C, Harris ST, Pacifici R. Olszynski WP, Davison KS, Adachi JD, Brown JP, Cummings download decision making in child welfare services: intake, Hanley DA, Harris ST, Hodsman AB, Kendler D, McClung MR, Miller PD, Yuen CK. Miller PD, Barlas S, Brenneman SK, Abbott TA, Chen Y-T, Barrett-Connor E, Siris ES. Arch Intern Med2004; 164:1113-1120. Siris ES, Chen Y-T, Abbott TA, Barrett-Connor E, Miller PD, Wehren L, Berger ML. Arch Intern Med2004; 164:1108-1112.