Baby S

Hey There!

This newborn is a RELATIVE!!! :)  She gets all her looks from ME of course!  LOL!  Okay… maybe she is like a third cousin, so that probably isn’t so true.  BUT she is blood AND adorable which makes me want to blog her session!  :)

Baby S just made me smile a LOT.  See, a few years back I photographed her big sister as an infant.  And to be honest, they don’t look much alike!  I mean, right now that is!  They may soon enough.  But we had to recreate a couple of the shots that we did with big sis…. and they are nothing short of total cuteness! 2016-06-08_0005

See, there is meaning behind this image.  Obviously you notice the kisses.  Well, her parents have a cute little story about that.  They were high school sweethearts.  And way back when, when they dated one another he gave her a Hershey’s kiss for their first kiss.  :)  So of course we needed to do this shot.  We did one VERY similar for the big sister, but hers was red and silver kisses.

2016-06-08_0007I keep talking about big sis so why don’t I go ahead and show you her cute self too!


And don’t worry, momma and dad got in some too!  I couldn’t let just the itty bitties have all the fun!  Aren’t they just the cutest?!?!?

2016-06-08_0002 2016-06-08_0003

And here are some of the final images from the session.  One of these went up on the wall in the studio.  The mom brought me this cute headband and I just happened to have the PERFECT thing to go with it!

2016-06-08_0011 2016-06-08_0012 2016-06-08_0010 2016-06-08_0009 2016-06-08_0001

That is it for this new little cousin.  She sure is cute… and she sure is loved by our family!  Welcome to the world Baby S!

Double the Love,


Baby J

Hey There!

You know when a person says they are done having babies…. and they really THINK they are done….?????  WELL…. God doesn’t always get that memo… and that is how Baby J came into the world!  LOL!
Even though he wasn’t “planned” he is no less loved and he is definitely such an amazing fit into his family!  This little guy, and I mean LITTLE guy, came in and was a dream to work with!  He slept the whole time and barely made a peep.  Plus, his momma and I are really good friends so that gave us so much time to catch up as well!  :)
I’m going to start with my favorite image of this guy!!!  OY!  The cuteness overload!  I even blew this one up on a canvas and put it in my studio.


He had the perfect skin tone for this brown set up.  That is one thing that I, as a photographer, really have to work on is looking for a baby’s complection and knowing what will look with it.  Brown doesn’t always work for all babies.  And especially really pale babies.  He was JUST right!

2016-06-08_0019 2016-06-08_0018

This next few are my second favorites.  Although I do have to say that pretty much his whole session is pretty amazing!
I looked and looked and looked for this tub!  I mean it was like a man hunt, but for a tub.  LOL!  I just love it though!  And I just got this cute little stuffer thing to go in it that looks like marshmallows!!!  How fun is that!  That is the life of a photographer though…. you get excited about metal tins and soft things!  :)

2016-06-08_0021 2016-06-08_0020

Now this last set is a little abnormal for me.  I normally shoot newborns naked.  That is just how I roll for lots of reasons.  For one, I think it is just cuter.  Two, when you get the baby dressed several times you wake it up each time, which makes it a longer session putting the baby back to sleep all the time.  And thirdly, it is just the latest trend, and let’s be honest…. I have to go with the flow of trends.  But this little guy was having a hard time staying warm, and this little onesie was just too cute on him!
PS…. Did you notice his cheeks yet???!!!

2016-06-08_0015 2016-06-08_0016 2016-06-08_0014

Well, that is it for Baby J.  I can officially say that he won my heart over with his total cuteness!!  :)  And I love that his momma and I are so close that I’ll get to see this guy grow into a handsome young man!

Double the Love,