M&B Engagement Session

Hello there!

You know how your heart feels when it is really, really, really happy?!?!?!  I mean so happy that it might EXPLODE!?!?!

Well, that is how I felt shooting this session!  :)  These two people I have known for 15 years…. FIFTEEN years guys!  How can that be??!?!  We use to do camp together.  Back then I counseled at Tippecanoe Baptist Camp in North Webster IN.  I met these two the first week I was at camp and I fell in love with BOTH of them!  Morgan, well let me tell you, was just the sweetest little kid!  She had a smiled that just melted your heart (back then it was braces filled) and she had the most infectious laugh!  You know, come to think of it, she hasn’t changed a bit!  :)  And Bryce…. oh Bryce… he was such a little charmer!  He had this shy little personality, BUT he came out of his shell and became so extroverted!  And he could sing a mean Sponge Bob theme song!  Both of these poeople made my heart happy.  And through the years I have seen them grown and mature into the people they are now.

Last summer I saw Morgan for the first time in several years, now counseling beside me instead of me counseling her.  We picked right up from where we left off and our sister in Christ bond just went straight the heart!   Of course we talked about everything and she had gotten out of a relationship a few months before, so I guess I just assumed that there wasn’t much to her love life.  Well…. Bryce showed up later that week to hang out…. and I just casually asked him while Morgan was RIGHT THERE if there was a girl in his life.  It was TOO funny because Bryce was really there to see MORGAN!  LOL!  I laugh about it now because there weren’t “dating” yet, but there were soon after camp.

Everything else is just history.  And here it is…. their engagement session.  How cute are they?!?!

We shot this session in Indy.  It was in Feb, but it was actually a pretty nice day!  I think it was in the 50’s when I shot all of these!  Plus, it was super sunny  which helped the temps.  We started in downtown Indy with these shots.

This is where they kissed for the first time!  :)



Don’t you just love their outfits!?  They are perfect!  A bit of classy, but casual! Plus the colors are right up my alley (blue is my favorite color).
2016-06-07_00132016-06-07_00142016-06-07_0012 2016-06-07_0009 2016-06-07_0008 2016-06-07_0007 2016-06-07_0006
2016-06-07_0005 2016-06-07_00032016-06-07_0004

When I got to Indy I had to drive around a little bit and see what I could find as far as some spots.  And just down from where we shot all their blue outfit pics I found this quaint little road.  Isn’t it adorable!?!?!


Them…. well… being them…..



Then we moved on out of downtown and on to a smaller part of Indy where there was the cutest little ice creme shop.  This place was ADORABLE!  Morgan and Bryce went on some dates here so it was a little sentimental to them.2016-06-07_00192016-06-07_00202016-06-07_0021


Then Morgan wore this cute little outfit to make the images really pop and have an artistic side to it.


Lastly, we headed out even further from Indy and went to this cute little pond…. And that is when this magic happened!2016-06-07_00242016-06-07_00272016-06-07_00262016-06-07_0025


As I write this blog, this couple have already tied the knot.  And I will blog their wedding soon.  But I just HAD to show you this first.  I hope you have enjoyed their young love and how it explodes in the images!

Double the Love,