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Hello world! This is Mandy with Mk Photos!

I’m so glad you could stop by and soak in my ramblings, images, and some truth about the Father.

Photographer Mandy Miller
Photographer Mandy K. Miller – Mk Photography

A little bit about me before we dive into more blog posts… I am first and foremost a believer in Christ, aka, a Christian.   I’m just trying to live each day out for Him and to glorify Him in all that I do. He is a good, good God and I am trying to be a good, good servant to Him.

Marriage Photography

Secondly, I am a wife and mother. I have a handsome hubby of 10 years! He is an amazing man that loves God, farming and his kids. All of which I am very proud of his involvement in. Us two became six in 5 years. So if you can’t already guess, we are very insane people!   😉

Kids Farming Photography

Carter is our oldest, coming in at age 6 (and a half if you ask him). Everybody gets a good chuckle out of our little man. He will talk to ANYONE about farming, equipment, or just what he saw going on down the road. He is pretty strong willed…. VERY strong willed. BUT I know God has great plans for his persistence and passion.

Outdoor Kids Photo

Then there is little Ellie. El Bell is 5 and is VERY into dancing. That girl will dance and sing all day if she wanted to. Just last night we were at the grocery store and there she was dancing to a Barbie song in every aisle….  She has such a free spirit, but is the shyest little thing when it comes to meeting new people.

Baby Girl Photography

Next is the first twin to arrive on this planet, Laura Jo. Since day one, Laura Jo has been a sweetie little bug and just full of life… and full of orneriness too! She is by the far the sneakiest of all four and keeps me on my toes ALL day long.  But her amazing giggle and cute little body makes up for all that stinker behavior.

Baby Boy Photographer

And last, but certainly not least, there is Vincent. This boy is so much like his big brother that it is a little frightening! But man is he a ham! He is always doing something to make us all giggle OR just plowing things over with a tractor, truck or his own little body.  This little guy had a rough start in this world, but you would never know it!

My whole family is such a blessing to me. God gave me a whole lot when He gave me all these 5 humans. And man am I blessed! Blessed and stressed… HAHA! But it is a good stress and a good life, with again, a good, good God.

Next time I’ll chat about my other passion in life… photography. But for now, I’ll let you go back to whatever makes you happy and I’ll pray that those that read this…. will know that Jesus is the savior and that HE gave me this beautiful life.

Double the Love,



Photo credit:Mk Photos & Jessica Rene Photography