Baby J

Hey There!

You know when a person says they are done having babies…. and they really THINK they are done….?????  WELL…. God doesn’t always get that memo… and that is how Baby J came into the world!  LOL!
Even though he wasn’t “planned” he is no less loved and he is definitely such an amazing fit into his family!  This little guy, and I mean LITTLE guy, came in and was a dream to work with!  He slept the whole time and barely made a peep.  Plus, his momma and I are really good friends so that gave us so much time to catch up as well!  :)
I’m going to start with my favorite image of this guy!!!  OY!  The cuteness overload!  I even blew this one up on a canvas and put it in my studio.


He had the perfect skin tone for this brown set up.  That is one thing that I, as a photographer, really have to work on is looking for a baby’s complection and knowing what will look with it.  Brown doesn’t always work for all babies.  And especially really pale babies.  He was JUST right!

2016-06-08_0019 2016-06-08_0018

This next few are my second favorites.  Although I do have to say that pretty much his whole session is pretty amazing!
I looked and looked and looked for this tub!  I mean it was like a man hunt, but for a tub.  LOL!  I just love it though!  And I just got this cute little stuffer thing to go in it that looks like marshmallows!!!  How fun is that!  That is the life of a photographer though…. you get excited about metal tins and soft things!  :)

2016-06-08_0021 2016-06-08_0020

Now this last set is a little abnormal for me.  I normally shoot newborns naked.  That is just how I roll for lots of reasons.  For one, I think it is just cuter.  Two, when you get the baby dressed several times you wake it up each time, which makes it a longer session putting the baby back to sleep all the time.  And thirdly, it is just the latest trend, and let’s be honest…. I have to go with the flow of trends.  But this little guy was having a hard time staying warm, and this little onesie was just too cute on him!
PS…. Did you notice his cheeks yet???!!!

2016-06-08_0015 2016-06-08_0016 2016-06-08_0014

Well, that is it for Baby J.  I can officially say that he won my heart over with his total cuteness!!  :)  And I love that his momma and I are so close that I’ll get to see this guy grow into a handsome young man!

Double the Love,