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Family Wedding Photo
Family Wedding Photo
Barn Wedding Ceremony
Bride and Groom Garden Ceremony
Bride Wedding Shoes
Wedding Reception Food Photography
Bride and Groom Exit Ceremony
Bride and Groom Exit
Bridal Party
Wedding Dress by Window
Wedding Dress Bride
Bride and Groom with Wedding Party
Wedding Bouquet Photography
Groom Outside
Wedding Bouquet
Informal Wedding Party
Groom Outside
Groom Outside
Groom Outside
Bride and Groom Kiss
Wedding Bouquet
Groom Outside
Groom Outside
Bridal Pose Photo
Wedding Ring on Painted Post
Family Wedding Photo
Groom Outside

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brides & grooms,

I can not wait to meet you! Weddings are by far my favorite thing to shoot. Getting to know a couple and then them allowing me to share the best day of their life with them is just pretty special in my book!

When you email me to ask about pricing and what all I offer please let me know what your wedding date is so I can make sure that I am available. I have a whole packet of information to send you so you can learn more about Mk and what services I have to pamper you with on your big day. Just so you get an idea for your budget, my package starts at $1800. Can't wait to hear from you and learn how I can best service you!

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